The Homework Center has two primary components. The first is providing homework assistance to each student enrolled assuring they are independently able to complete the work assigned, which aids to re-enforce what was taught in the classroom. The second component provides tutoring for students who have demonstrated an area of weakness based on their MAP scores.

We work with the learning coach for each elementary school to review the scores for each student who is weak in a particular area. We then implement a tutoring coaching program in a project format. A series of subject matter specific worksheets, activities and games are used to serve as practice tools that ensure improvement in the demonstrated area(s) of weakness. A post-test is executed on the same subject area at the end of the quarter (or school year) to measure effectiveness and a demonstrated higher understanding of each subject matter.

Tutoring is primarily provided by volunteers, mostly by students from local colleges under the supervision a Project Thunder trained site coordinator who is there to maintain order.  We encourage and will work with parents to volunteer at as an added support system for the students. This is an outcome driven program where each elementary school will have its own Homework Center.